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MainMed MVZ’s team philosophy

Right in the heart of Frankfurt, we offer you the entire spectrum of orthopedics and trauma surgery.

From specific conservative therapy to outpatient or inpatient surgery, we will determine an individual therapy strategy with you in a personal conversation. Our aim is always to provide a high medical standard through modern diagnostics and contemporary therapy.

To ensure a trusting relationship with your contact, we also avoid unnecessary changes of doctor.

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The medical team

Dr. med. von Stechow

Dr. med. von Stechow

Specialist in trauma surgery and orthopedics
Dr. med. Rüger

Dr. med. Rüger

Specialist in trauma surgery and orthopedics
Mrs. Arnold

Mrs. Arnold

Specialist in trauma surgery and orthopedics
Mr. Schuster

Mr. Schuster

Specialist in trauma surgery and orthopedics

Specialists and trainees

Team Bild aller Mitarbeitenden Personen von der Praxis MainMed MVZ

Treatment priorities

Grafik des menschlichen Knies mit roten Bereichen, die Schmerzpunkte darstellen.

Knee joint

Impairments in the largest joint in the human body – the knee joint – are not only stressful, but are particularly common in sports injuries.

Hüftschmerzen, Frau, die zu Hause an Arthrose leidet, Konzept für gesundheitliche Probleme

Hip joint

The hip joint is crucial for our gait. Here you can find out more about the different diseases and their treatment options.

Bildlicher Fokus auf den Rücken, ein roter Schmerzpunkt signalisiert Rückenschmerzen.

Shoulder joint

Complex structure, high performance – the shoulder joint requires a high level of experience and precise diagnostics with its diseases and their therapy.

Der Arzt macht einen Ultraschall der Gefäße der Hände


Modern medicine offers extensive options for finding the right diagnosis – but their application and interpretation also require a high level of experience.

Männlicher Oberkörper von hinten gesehen.


Without it nothing works – our central support pillar is involved in all our movements and therefore has to withstand constant stress.

Nahaufnahme weiblicher Fußschmerzen, Gesundheitskonzept.


Constant overloading or incorrect loading can lead to a variety of illnesses and complaints; ultimately, all stress passes through the feet.

Insights into our practice

Located in the heart of Frankfurt, directly on Goetheplatz, our experienced team offers you the entire spectrum of orthopedics, trauma surgery and sports medicine. In addition to sports medical examinations, bone density measurements, ultrasound diagnostics, among other things, we also use state-of-the-art digital X-rays to provide precise diagnostics.

We also competently apply the comprehensive options for conservative treatment such as manual therapy, acupuncture and shock wave therapy. If conservative therapy is not promising, we can help you with our wide range of surgical options. Whether outpatient or inpatient, we offer you modern, minimally invasive, arthroscopic operations as well as endoprosthetic care.

As your orthopedic surgeons in Frankfurt, personal, trustworthy and modern treatment is important to us.

Main Med Private

At MainMed Private, a comprehensive range of diagnostics and treatment is available to you – beyond the limits of statutory health insurance options. In a pleasant and personal atmosphere, we address your complaints individually and work together to develop modern and scientifically based treatment strategies.

With Dr. Paul Stützer, specialist in general medicine, we broaden the perspective for your health. On the one hand, the prevention of illnesses is of particular concern to us, and on the other hand, many complaints need to be understood in an interdisciplinary manner. In close collaboration, internal causes can be diagnosed and treated.

In addition to privately insured patients, you can also enjoy the benefits as a self-payer. Quick appointments and short waiting times are pleasant side effects.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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Directions to our orthopedic practice

Orthopedics MainMed MVZ in Frankfurt am Main

Kaiserstrasse 1
60311 Frankfurt am Main
100 m to S-Bahn and U-Bahn Frankfurt Hauptwache
Parking options include: Goethe-Parkhaus
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